Distributing content remotely

It is possible to distribute your content to all your connected headsets through the remote Look & Play content dashboard. You can find the remote distribution page here: Content dashboard.

Uploading content

You can upload up to 10 pieces of content to be distributed to all headsets. These can be videos or images. When you upload content to the platform a new card will show up where you can change the settings like the display name, type of content (e.g. 360 monoscopic or stereoscopic), a custom displayed thumbnail and an optional spatial audio file.
You can choose which content should be sent and available on your devices by toggling the publish option on or off. Only content that has publishing enabled will be packaged and sent to your devices.

For the devices to download and show the content they have to be connected to the Internet. Once connected start the Look & Play application (and enter your PIN code in case the device was not yet activcated) and a pop-up will open showing the downloading progress. After the download is complete the device can be disconnected from the Internet again. Any changes made on the content dashboard will once again require you to connect the device.

Alongside the remotely uploaded content you can still prepare and load content by placing the content on the local storage of the device as described on the following article: Preparing and loading your content.

Custom branding

In addition to videos and images you can also customize the Look & Play waiting area with a custom background or background color and a logo that will be displayed above the available content. You can either choose a background color or upload a custom 360 image to be displayed in the waiting area.


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