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  • Can I order a license for a certain specific date?

    Yes, with a few limitations. When ordering you can choose a license duration of a week, month or year. You then have the option to select the start date of this license.

  • For what platforms is the Kiosk Mode available?

    The Look & Play Kiosk Mode and Custom Kiosk Mode are available on the following platforms:
    - Oculus GO
    - Pico G2 4K
    - Pico Neo 3
    - Android smartphones

    This software is not supported on Meta Quest 1 and Meta Quest 2.

  • Can I use Look & Play offline?

    Yes. To activate a seat with your license code you will need to have an active Internet connection. After activation the device and Look & Play can be used offline.
    If a seat has to be renewed, an active Internet connection is required again.

  • For what platforms is Look & Play available?

    Look & Play is available on the following platforms:
    - Oculus GO
    - Oculus Quest 1 & Quest 2
    - Pico G2 4K
    - Pico Neo 3
    - Android smartphones

  • How much content can I show?

    You can add an unlimited number of videos and images but you can only show a maximum of 24 files in each folder. You can create subfolders to show more content. The total number of content you can show is ofcourse restricted by your device’s storage capacity.

  • How do I return to the license screen after starting a trial?

    If you've started a trial and have purchased a license in the meantime you have to close Look & Play and restart the application. Once the app starts you'll find yourself in the license activation area again and can enter your license PIN to activate Look & Play.

  • What is the difference between Look & Play and the Kiosk mode?

    There's two application packages that can be purchased:

    Look & Play
    This is the main video player application. Look & Play contains an optional Look & Play kiosk mode that can force the Look & Play application open so that the user does not get lost in unwanted menu's. See Look & Play Kiosk Mode on the downloads page to see supported devices and download instructions.

    Custom Kiosk Mode
    The Custom Kiosk Mode application will force any Android application you have installed on the device. After some configuration the Kiosk Mode app will keep open the configured app. This product can be sold and used separately.

  • Where can I download Look & Play?

    - Oculus Quest 1 and Quest 2: Look & Play is available on the Oculus Store through App Labs. Search for Look & Play in the store in the headset.
    - Oculus Go: The Oculus GO version is available through sideloading the APK file, available from the downloads page.
    - Pico: For Pico VR search for Look & Play in the store in the headset.
    - Android smartphones: Android smartphones can install the application through the Google Play Store.

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