Managing Licenses and Seats

You Look & Play license is made up of the number of seats you have purchased. These seats can be used on any device at any time as long as the license is valid. If you purchase a new license or extend the current one, your PIN will remain the same.


In the top right corner of the dashboard you'll find a green rectangle, outlining your PIN code. This is your license activation code. When opening Look & Play on any device, you'll be prompted to enter a PIN to start using the application. Note that you need an active Internet connection to activate a seat. Enter your unique PIN to activate that device. On your licenses dashboard, if you unfold the license details, you'll now see a device has been added to the list with an Hardware Id, time of registration, last time online and current status.

If you wish to deactivate a device to use that seat elsewhere, look up the Hardware Id of the device by opening the settings panel inside of Look & Play. On the top right the last few characters of the Id are shown. Look up this device in the list on the dashboard and press the cross to deactivate that device. You'll have to connect the headset in question to the Internet and start Look & Play to properly release the seat before it can be used again.
If you're unable to open the settings panel in Look & Play because your license expired, you can look straight down in the environment with the license activation digits to see your device Id.