Frequently asked questions


  • Can I order a license for a certain specific date?

    Yes, with a few limitations. When ordering you can choose a license duration of a week, month or year. You then have the option to select the start date of this license.

  • Can I use Look & Play offline?

    Yes. To activate a seat with your license code you will need to have an active Internet connection. After activation the device and Look & Play can be used offline.
    If a seat has to be renewed, an active Internet connection is required again.

  • How do I return to the license screen after starting a trial?

    If you've started a trial and have purchased a license in the meantime you have to close Look & Play and restart the application. Once the app starts you'll find yourself in the license activation area again and can enter your license PIN to activate Look & Play.

  • How do I release an activated license from a headset?

    On your dashboard you can view your current active licenses. Unfold the license and look for the hardware ID that belongs to the headset. You can find the last characters of the hardware ID in the settings panel inside the Look & Play application. To the right, click on the X symbol to release the seat from that device. Start the Look & Play application on the headset, connected with the Internet, to confirm the deactivation. The activation is now released and can be used on a different device again.

  • Is it possible to end a license earlier and get money back?

    No, it’s not possible to end a license earlier than planned.

  • How do I activate a license?

    Once payment is received your license will be updated with the purchased number of available seats. In the top left corner of the dashboard you will find your unique license activation code. Download and install Look & Play and enter your license activation code when prompted for a code.

Kiosk Mode

  • For what platforms is the Kiosk Mode available?

    The Look & Play Kiosk Mode and Custom Kiosk Mode are available on the following platforms:
    - Oculus GO
    - Pico G2 4K
    - Pico Neo 3
    - Android smartphones

    This software is not supported on Meta Quest 1 and Meta Quest 2.

Look & Play

  • For what platforms is Look & Play available?

    Look & Play is available on the following platforms:
    - Oculus GO
    - Oculus Quest 1 & Quest 2
    - Pico G2 4K
    - Pico Neo 3
    - Android smartphones

  • Where can I download Look & Play?

    - Oculus Quest 1 and Quest 2: Look & Play is available on the Oculus Store through App Labs. Search for Look & Play in the store in the headset.
    - Oculus Go: The Oculus GO version is available through sideloading the APK file, available from the downloads page.
    - Pico: For Pico VR search for Look & Play in the store in the headset.
    - Android smartphones: Android smartphones can install the application through the Google Play Store.

  • Can I use Look & Play on a trial?

    Yes. Starting a Look & Play trial allows you to test the full feature set of Look & Play with a watermark. This article explains how to activate your Look & Play trial.
    To activate a trial please do the following:
    - Register a Look & Play account here
    - Head over to the Download page to install Look & Play for your platform
    - Launch Look & Play
    - Instead of entering a pin/activation code select the trial button to the right of the keypad to activate the trial
    The trial can be used indefinitely with all features available but will show a watermark across the screen. If you want to remove the watermark from the Look & Play trial, you can simply purchase licenses for your account here. After your purchase has been processed, you can fill in your pin into the Look & Play application.

  • How do I view the content in Look & Play?

    Once the application has started you’ll be in a virtual waiting room where the content you have preloaded is shown as icons. Look at any of the icons for a second to open the corresponding video or image.


  • How much content can I show?

    You can add an unlimited number of videos and images but you can only show a maximum of 24 files in each folder. You can create subfolders to show more content. The total number of content you can show is ofcourse restricted by your device’s storage capacity.

  • What type of content is supported?

    Look & Play supports monoscopic 360° videos, stereoscopic 360° videos and 2D videos. In addition, equi-angular cubemap (EAC) videos are also supported.
    - Images and custom backgrounds can be displayed in monoscopic 360° and stereoscopic 360° as well as 2D.
    - Videos are required to be of mp4 format and image files have to be either jpg or png.

    Video recommendations

    Codec: H265 or H264
    Resolution: 3840x1920
    FPS: 30
    Bitrate: 20 Mb/s
    Audio: Stereo aac audio or .tbe (see Facebook Spatial Workstation at 44.1kHz)

    Photo specifications

    Codec JPG, PNG
    Resolution: 3840x1920

    Note that performance may vary depending on the device brand, hardware and software. We recommend testing your content thoroughly on each device to make sure it's supported on your platform of choice.

  • What specifications should be used for the custom branding?

    With Look & Play's branding options you have the possibility to show a custom menu environment to the customer. You can achieve this by picking a custom 360 background image or color, and an optional logo.

    Background specifications

    360 image
    Format: JPG, PNG
    Resolution: 3840x1920

    Logo specifications

    Square image with transparency
    Format: PNG
    Resolution 1024x1024

  • Does Look & Play support 4K videos?

    Yes, you can play both monoscopic and stereoscopic videos up to 4K resolution.

  • Can I use spatial audio?

    Yes, you can add an external audio track in the form of a tbe (Two Big Ears) file.


  • What is the difference between Look & Play and the Kiosk mode?

    There's two application packages that can be purchased:

    Look & Play
    This is the main video player application. Look & Play contains an optional Look & Play kiosk mode that can force the Look & Play application open so that the user does not get lost in unwanted menu's. See Look & Play Kiosk Mode on the downloads page to see supported devices and download instructions.

    Custom Kiosk Mode
    The Custom Kiosk Mode application will force any Android application you have installed on the device. After some configuration the Kiosk Mode app will keep open the configured app. This product can be sold and used separately.

  • What payment options are available?

    You can purchase Look & Play licenses and the Kiosk Mode via:
    - Credit Card
    - Bancontact
    - Sofort
    - Multibanco
    - Przelewy24
    - EPS
    - iDEAL
    - Giropay
    - Sepa Direct Debit
    If you wish to pay through PayPal or bank transfer, please mail us at

  • What is the pricing model for Look & Play?

    Look & Play works with flexible pricing. The total price depends on the number of devices you wish to use and the duration of use.

  • I want to resell Look & Play, is this possible?

    We offer special discounts for resellers and partners. If you’re interested, please contact us at for more information.

  • How can I contact the support team?

    You can email us at with any questions or call us directly at +31 30 71 16 158.

Recommended Specifications

  • What are the recommended custom icon specifications?

    The recommended settings for a custom icon are:
    - 512x512 resolution
    - png format
    We strongly recommend using square images for your custom icons and logos.

  • What are the recommended video specifications?

    The recommended settings for videos are:
    - H.265 or H.264 codec
    - 3840x1920 resolution
    - 30 frames per second
    - 20 - 30 Mbps bitrate
    - Stereo AAC audio or TBE spatial

  • What are the recommended custom background specifications?

    The recommended settings for a custom background are:
    - 360° image, monoscopic or stereoscopic
    - 3840x1920 resolution
    - png or jpg format