Updating for Pico

In this article you’ll find how you can update Look & Play to the most recent version on your Pico headset. You will need:
- Pico headset connected to the Internet
- A Pico Interactive account

A Pico account is not the same as your Look & Play account. You can check if your headset is already signed in to a Pico account by pressing the profile icon in the bottom right (make sure your headset is connected to Wifi):

It will either show the signed in profile or ask you to sign in with your Pico account. If you do not yet have a Pico account you can register here: Pico VR Register
Once signed in, open the Pico App Store as pictured below. This will open a new window.

The new window shows new buttons on the left hand side including features, games and search. Press the search button to open a keyboard and type LOOK and press enter. Look & Play will show up in the results. Click on the Look & Play thumbnail to open the store page.

Press the purple Free button on the top right corner of the window to start downloading and installing the latest version of Look & Play. Once finished, you can open the application from your list of applications.


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