How to use Look & Play

In this article we’ll cover how to use Look & Play and all the different settings.

Read Preparing and loading your content to learn how to load your content for viewing in the application.

Play content

To select content to view, use your head to look at the desired piece of content for a second. A circle will fill as confirmation to open the video, image or folder.

Returning to the lobby

To end the video early and return to the lobby use the back button, depending on the platform used:

  • Oculus Quest: B button on the controllers
  • Oculus Go: back button on the controller
  • Pico: back button on the controller or the back button on the headset itself
  • Android: tap and hold the screen for a second

Settings panel

Opening the settings panel requires you to hold a platform specific button for one second:

  • Oculus Quest: press and hold the index finger trigger button
  • Oculus Go: press and hold the touchpad button
  • Pico: press and hold the trigger button or the select button on the headset
  • Android smartphone: double tap

Video playback settings

In the settings panel you have some options to change the experience and video playback.

  • Autoplay video: this option is only available if there is one content file in the VREvent folder. When enabled, said content will automatically open when Look & Play starts.
  • Looping: any playing video will loop back to the beginning once finished.
  • Headset playback: decide what happens when you take off the headset:

Pause the video
Restart the video
Stop the video and return to the virtual waiting room

  • Kiosk Mode: if the Kiosk Mode is installed on the headset you have the option to pause and start it from within Look & Play (this option is not available for Oculus Quest devices).


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