How to use the custom Kiosk Mode

Note: The Kiosk Mode solution is not available for Meta Quest 1 and Meta Quest 2 headsets.

In this article we’ll cover how to install and use the custom configurable Kiosk Mode.

The custom Kiosk Mode will start any application of choice when the headset boots and prevents users from going outside the application.


For installation you need: your headset of choice, a Windows computer and the proper cable to connect the device to the computer.

  • Download the Custom Kiosk Mode from the downloads page: click here
  • Extract the zip-archive on your computer.
  • Enable developer mode on your headset:

Oculus Go: Follow the steps for Joining or Creating an Organization and Enable Developer Mode: click here.
Pico: click here.
Android Smartphones: it’s best to search for your device name followed by “how to enable developer mode” on a search engine.

  • Connect the headset to the computer.
  • Inside the headset, accept the new connection to the computer.
  • In the zip-archive, a kioskmode.config file is present. Open this with any text-editor to change the settings. Change the text between the force tags to the package id of the application you wish to keep open. In the exception tag you can add an application you wish to exclude from being closed to open the forced application. You can add as many exceptions as you want. In the time tag you can adjust the time between force attempts. The Kiosk Mode will force the application every couple of seconds, with 5 seconds as a minimum. This can be used if you want to allow users, or your team, to be able to make changes without pausing the Kiosk Mode.


  • Once the configuration file is changed to your likings and saved, copy it to the root of the headset.
  • On the computer, double click the installation file found in the zip-archive downloaded earlier. The installation will be finished when the window shows success

You can find the package ID of your application by using the bundled list packages tool. Read more about this in this article.

Using the Kiosk Mode

With the custom Kiosk Mode your application will now start when the headset boots after a delay of a couple of seconds (to give space to the headset’s software to start too). 
To pause and unpause the Kiosk Mode, hold the volume down button for 5 seconds. Alternatively, you can find the Kiosk Mode in the list of applications as well (Unknown Sources on Oculus Go) to open an interface with a pause/start button and additional information. Here you can toggle the Kiosk Mode and reload configuration files if any changes have to be made.


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