Finding an application's package ID

In this article we'll cover how you can find the package ID of an application. Knowing the package ID is useful if you wish to communicate with the app natively on Android devices. Or if you have the custom Kiosk Mode, you need the package ID to select the application you wish to force.

Finding the package ID

Generally the format of a package ID is domain.CompanyName.ApplicationName. For instance, Look & Play on the Oculus Go is nl.vrowl.lookandplay.

Through Google Play Store

If the application comes from the Google Play Store, you can find the package ID in the URL of the applications store page.

When you have the APK file

In case you have the APK file, you can extract all the files with a ZIP-archiver software (e.g. WinZip) by right clicking the APK and clicking open with. Inside the APK is a file titled AndroidManifest.xml, which holds the name of the application and the package ID, along with some other information. You can open the manifest file with any text editor, but you'll notice that a lot is scrambled. Look for the meta-data tag, by using the search function of your text editor. The text after that is your application's package ID.

Custom Kiosk Mode

If you have purchased the custom Kiosk Mode solution you can download a packages that's bundled with a simple tool that lists all third party installed applications on the connected Android device. The device has to be in developer mode for the tool to work. Once connected to a computer, run the list packages.bat file, which will display all package IDs available on that device. For more information on the custom Kiosk Mode, head over to this article.


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